Mihai Eminescu Library – Bicaz

The urban library Bicaz belongs to the public libraries that addresses to all the cathegories of users from the local community. It was founded in 1952 as a village library, and it obtains the urban library title in 1960, year in which Bicaz village got the title of city. The Urban Library Bicaz has got a fund of enciclopedic publications, counting at present about 50000 volumes. The services offered to the users are of bearring – adults and children-, through the two sections, study at the library hall for both cathegories of beneficiaries and Internet access for the adults and children.

Since February 2006 the institution has been functioning in a new location, at the ground floor of a block of flats in Mărceni district, location rehabilitated regarding the conditions of the publications’s exposition and keeping, through the effort of the Townhall of Bicaz city, its credit chief accountant. The modernizing of the library meant investments according the institution’s endowment with modern electronic technique regarding the security and supervising of the goods by video supervision cameras, alarm system and instalation of detectors for protection against fires.

The library of Bicaz is served by librarians with speciality training. Regarding the cultural activities, beside those of a less amplitude, it is organised, quarterly, a manifestation of good quality, where cultural and scientific personalities from Neamț county, and not only, are invited. The library of Bicaz city represents a cultural center extremely important for Bicaz, as it is resulted from the appreciations of the local population.

Beginning with 2015, the urban library gets a new name, that is ‘’Mihai Eminescu’’ library – Bicaz.

Address: Street Aleea Teilor nr.18, Bicaz town, Neamț, code 615100
Telephone: 0233/254.808
Working programme:
   · Monday – Friday : 9 - 17
   · Saturday: 9 - 14
   · Sunday: Closed
Contact person: Ion Asavei - chief librarian

The village library Bicaz Chei

Adress: Main Street, Bicaz Chei, Neamț county, code 617060
Telephone: 0233/255.773 ; 0233/255.712

The village library Bicazu Ardelean

Adress: Centru, Bicazu-Ardelean, judet Neamt, cod 617065
Telephone: 0233/255.301

The village library Tașca

Adress: Tașca, Neamț county, code 617455
Telephone: 0233/255.023

The village library Tarcău

Adress: Tarcău, Neamț county, code 617445
Telephone: 0233/240.066

The village library Dămuc

Adress: Dămuc, Neamț county, code 617150
Telephone: 0233/256.121

The village library Hangu

Adress: Hangu, Neamț county, code 617240
Telephone: 0731/024.838

The village library Poiana Teiului

Adress: Poiana Teiului, Neamț county, code 617340
Telephone: 0233/266.250

The village library Ceahlău

Adress: Ceahlău, Neamț county, code 617125
Telephone: 0233/258.059